Sunday, January 2, 2011


So every year we all make up our "resolutions" for the year. Whether its to eat better and get fit, quit smoking, be more organized or save money most of us start the year off with at least one (or if youre like me, multiple!). But how many of us actually follow through with those resolutions? I know I usually dont. This year I thought (like many past years haha) "Ill really do it this year, Im gonna kick ass!"

The problem is is we get wrapped up in work, school, familytime, etc etc an either forget or give up on those resolutions. Well this year, to try and motivate me to keep them, I thought Id set small goals, and then reward myself at the completion of each. Whether it be a manicure, pedicure, night out with the hubby or friends, something to make me want to accomplish my goal moreso then before. What are everyones resolutions? Here are some of mine..

1-Lose 30 lbs by Jalyns birthday (6-14)
2-Get to church at least once a week
3-Say at least one nice thing to Jay a day. Its not always easy, but trust me when I say that even just one nice thing said to someone, can change their entire way of thinking that day.
4-Save money, pay off debts.
5-Find a job
6-Get more organized
7-Spend more time with family

I have more written on a list, but Im pooped out from playing "Just Dance 2" on the wii all night. Id love if you linked me to YOUR resolutions this year!


  1. I wish I had resolutions to link you to, but I do not. I usually do a "Year in Review" right before my birthday each year. That always seems more "New Yearish."

    I like your resolutions especially the say one nice thing. There's a book called A Course In Miracles. One of the questions/lessons goes something like this: Is it better to be right, or to be at peace?

    It's hard to seek the peace, I still struggle with that.

    Great post, Kristin!

  2. Thanks! And I agree, its tough at times, but I know the feeling I get when someone says something nice to me. Sometimes it may be something tiny, but it makes the whole day better :)

    Hope youre feeling good!

  3. There's a school of thought that maintains that our thoughts create our reality. I believe this as well. So, good thoughts, nice words, can have an impact and can contribute hugely to a better reality.

    Outside of fighting off a virus, I continue to feel disgustingly well! ;-)
    How are the kidlets doing?


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