Monday, January 10, 2011

Im guest posting...

Over at :) Ill be doing a guest post on her "5 minutes for me" event, where I will post how I take 5 minutes for me :)

The event reads:

Welcome to our "Five Minutes For Me" focusing on taking time for YOU in 2011. After the hectic Holiday Season, its time for all all to re-focus. Maybe you have set some New Year's resolutions for yourself or just want to unwind from the hustle and bustle. We will be featuring product reviews, giveaways and guest posts on Health, Wellness and Beauty. We will be keeping this post up to date with links to all of the activities for you!

Check out the event and her blog!

This past week was a little busy, Diva had some shots and is still a bit off. Cant wait til shes back to normal! Ok off to write my guest post, Ill link you all when I am done!

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