Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Gratitude Challenge!

Ever hear of The Gratitude Challenge? I did it on my old blog, but I figured with the new year, why not give it another shot?! read about it here:

With a hopeful outlook, I, Kristin, promise to fulfill the terms
of The Gratitude Challenge. Over the next 21 days, I pledge to complete the
activities on my gratitude calendar, including writing journal entries, taking
photos and connecting with friends. I promise to take note of life’s little blessings
and to give thanks for the relationships, experiences and opportunities that make
my life unique. From this day forward, I commit to living on the brighter side of life.

Signed, Kristin! :)

Day One: Today you start The Gratitude Challenge. Sign the contract and make a commitment to take note and give thanks for the next 21 days. Express why you accepted this challenge and what you hope to achieve from it.

I accepted this challenge because as I said in my earlier post, life is too short to live with regrets. One of this years resolutions is to be more grateful for the people and things in my life. And more importantly, start showing it!

1 comment:

  1. Excellent Kristin! I truly believe that gratitude is one of the KEY ingredients to living a more peaceful and abundant life!
    (Love the space you've created here for your blog!)


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