Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peekaboo! I see you!

So, back by popular demand are my blog posts! Haha. Both Jay and my seester Shannon said I should start writing again so here I am. My house is clean, AJ is at school and Jalyn is "napping" (aka playing while she SHOULD be napping haha). We have a playdate later and AJ has his first school picture day today. I'm a little sad at the thought. I cant believe our little baby is in Kindergarten! Where has the time gone?! So updates...Jay and I celebrated 4 years married in May-GO US! Our time together hasn't always been rainbows and sunshine, but we always pull thru together. We love each other and our kids and there is no one we'd rather spend forever with then each other! Things are going well for us for the most part. We're happy, healthy and together. We've had some "family" with some personal issues who have distanced themselves from us but screw it! Honestly, my life has been less annoying without them! Real family never walks away. Anyway moving on! Khloe is SUCH a good dog. The last time I posted we had gotten her not long before. Jalyn terrorizes that poor girl, shes always dressing her up, making her drink tea etc etc. And Khloe never even walks away. She's SO Starks reincarnated. Best dog EVER. AJ is LOVING Kindergarten, and doing so well. He actually has been getting different work then his classmates due to being so advanced. Even his teacher said he should have started school last year! Damn cutoff. Jalyn is a sassy little diva. I couldn't have been more on point when nicknaming her Diva while I was pregnant. She just started taking real dance classes, and even being the youngest one (she technically isn't old enough to take the class, thank goodness for family owned dance school!) and still was the only one to make it thru the entire class! Go Jalyn! AJ Starts Hip Hop for his second year this Sat. He loved it last year and they did a dance actually around him. Ill have to post the video, super cute! Well that's all for now! I wrote up a bunch of ideas for blog writing so hopefully now that helps me get going! What have YOU all been up to? Any ideas for me to write about? Lets hear em!

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