Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well, hello there!

Its been a little over a YEAR since my last post. One would think not working would open my days up a bit to write more, however, it also meant I would be home with the two minis and have even LESS time then when I was working! LOL So whats happened in the last year you ask? Lets see. The Diva turned one (and now is almost two!) and were finding that her nickname is quite fitting! She has some little personality and already uses her smile and cute face to get herself out of trouble! Spidey turned five, and is just about ready for Kindergarten in September! He goes to Pre-K right now, and loves it, but since hes technically the "oldest" Ive found that his maturity is taking a bit of a decline. Hes super smart, can read, write and do all sorts of smart things. But his listening skills arent exacty the best. Im told by his teachers that he doesnt have the best attetion span, however, they think its cause he is bored. So I guess we wait and see. Starting this week I am going to supplement and begin homeschooling to keep his mind moving. He absolutely LOVES learning so I feel terrible when he comes home and tells me he is bored. So Im looking for ideas/websites/programs/etc to get moving!

Me and the hubby are doing well, not much new news here. We just got a puppy a few weeks ago, a Boxer/Terrier Mix. Her name is Khloe and she is a MUSH! Love her to death and shes perfect for us.

So thats our update! I know its been forever, so what have all of you been up to? How are your families? I have been itching to write lately so I will be here!

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