Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend wackiness and whats to come!

Hope everyone's weekend was enjoyable! Our was insanely busy, but such is our life now-a-days! We started Friday night with a date night, hubs and I watched "Going the Distance" with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. HIGHLY reccomended! It was so cute and funny! And it wasnt too "chick-flicky" for Jay so you can even convince your SO to watch it. Sat was just insanity from the minute we woke up. We had to help my mom move some furniture, then we had our oil burner fixed (yay heat! haha). Jay was offered work (moving more furniture) but he had to be 40 min west at the same time AJ had to be 25 min the opposite direction for our neighbors daughters birthday party. I didnt want him to miss the party, but obviously we didnt want Jay to miss the work. luckily, our AWESOME neighbors offered to take AJ along with them! Im so glad too because he had so much fun! It was at Build-a-Bear and he made a dark brown bear with (and Im quoting him) "reading glasses". Hmm. Ok then! Its adoreable though, I will add pics at a later time.

Today AJ (little chef) and I (big chef) made red pancakes (his idea!) for breakfast. Then we went grocery shopping. Now, usually, I try to con Jay into watching BOTH kids, so I get a bit of a break, but he offered to go, so away we all went. Now, you may be thinking "recipe for disastor!" but it really wasnt bad. AJ and Jay had "missions"- Id give them things to find in the store and bring back to me. AJ had a BALL with that. I cant believe my baby is going to be four. ::tear:: Ive also been couponing lately. Im so ADDICTED! Its become a hobby/obsession lol. Today, between sales and coupons, I saved $103! Im averaging around $100 per week now. My current coupon system is one of those little coupon organizers, but Im working on putting together a binder. More to come on that at a later date! After shopping, we FINALLY cleaned the whole house. Its so hard to keep up with both kids and the hecticness we call life, but it desperately needed it. Daddy stepped up and helped, and now its nice and clean. Laundry done! He even deep cleaned the bathroom :) Im a lucky gal (sometimes! haha)

Soooo! The plan for the week... tomo is supposed to be the coldest day of the year, so other then school for AJ, Im thinking well make some salt-dough ornaments for christmas presents. I figure its a fun activity (and a frugal gift!) for us to do. Tuesday is oil change day for me which Ive been putting off for waaay too long. And Jay has a test to see if he has carpel tunnel. Thursday Jay has another appt, this time to get a biopsy on a mole in his back (wear sunscreen kids!), which were not too worried about. Thats about it! What are your plans for the week? And whats your dinner menu look like?? Heres ours!

Mon: Honey glazed ham, roasted potatoes, broccoli
Tues: Rice balls
Wed: Pot Roast
Thurs: Salsa Chicken with rice
Fri: Tacos
Sat: Spagetti with clam sauce

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Sigh. I remember when I had all my menus for the week planned out by Monday...Now, I'm doing pretty well to know by noon what we're eating that night!

    Sounds like you have a very full week planned!


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